Why GBC aba?

Passion and compassion are important character traits that Stephanie Gorbold founder and president seeks in those who work at GBC aba. Our person centered techniques lead to the best possible outcomes for the client because clients are the central focus of all we do. We approach each client as a unique opportunity to transform not only that individual but also those who interact with that client including parents, siblings, teachers, and employers.
Stephanie Gorbold
GBC aba Founder & President

Why we’re successful...

  • We are owned and operated by BCBAs
  • You can easily and quickly reach the employees here at GBCaba
  • We don’t provide a “one size fits all all” program. Everything is tailored and customized for the individual based on their specific needs and strengths
  • We are a member of the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP)
  • Recognized as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence credentialed top 10% provider
  • Internally, we offer intense training for BT’s and BCBA’s and offer professional development training for those that want to get advanced certifications
  • Our President, Stephanie Gorbold, serves as a commissioner on the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence Excellence’s American National Standards Institute Commission, which is working to set the standards for practice in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • We are a founding member of the IL Autism Insurance Coalition
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We help transform the lives of individuals, their families and their communities by helping them lead the most fulfilling and independent lives possible.