Privacy Policy

You should be aware that pursuant to HIPAA, we keep clients’ Protected Health Information in one set of professional records. The Clinical Record includes information about reasons for seeking our professional services, results of assessments, current goals and/or programming, progress towards those goals, medical, developmental, educational, and social history, treatment history, consultation history, any treatment records we receive from other providers, billing records, releases, and any reports that were sent to anyone, including statements for you and/or your insurance carrier. Notes taken during supervision sessions by our behavior technicians or BCBAs are kept separate from the Clinical Record. They vary session to session, and are typically anecdotal related to programs, progress, towards current or future goals, reference to conversation, and hypothetical conclusions made by professionals. These are not available to be disclosed to anyone else, including the insurance company.

Confidentiality Statement

All services provided are confidential except to the extent that you provide us written authorization to release specified information to specified individuals, or under other conditions as mandated by law and our professional code of conduct.