Speech Therapy

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What is a Speech-language pathologist?

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is someone who is trained in the assessment and treatment of communication disorders. An SLP helps those who have difficulty communicating effectively and support social interactions.  Speech-language therapy may benefit children who have difficulties:

  1. Articulation (being understood) 
  2. Receptive Language (language understood) 
  3. Expressive Language (spoken language) 
  4. Alternative Augmentative Communication (using something other than verbal speech to communicate) 
  5. Social Language/ Pragmatics 
  6. Stuttering 
  7. Voice 
  8. Literacy 

Communication plays a significant role in all areas of life from daily interactions with family members to understanding the vocabulary needed to participate in a science lesson at school. By building communication and language skills, we are giving our children the foundational building blocks to be successful in life.

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