Photo of Stacey Gorbold, Office Manager at GBC aba.

Debra Spillane, RBT

Registered Behavior Technician and Outreach Specialist

Registered Behavior Technician and Outreach Specialist, Debra has been working with GBC aba since 2016. During that time, she went through 40 hours of online classes and 10 hours of field supervised training in order to take a board certification exam to become a Registered Behavior Technician. Debra has worked with several families during her time with GBC aba implementing and taking data on programs individualized for each client. Debra felt a pull, a passion if you will, towards understanding human behavior.  This is what led her to pursue her Bachelors of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis from DePaul University.  

Her professional experience combined with her personal experience of raising her 2 children ages 19 and 21 enable to have a unique perspective into the world of elementary, middle, and high school challenges.  

Debra is also very passionate about helping the greater community autism learn about ABA. As GBC aba’s Outreach Specialist, Debra fosters relationships with other service providers and coordinates educational outreach events.

Her goal is to make a change in the lives of children today so that their tomorrow is brighter.  

Change can happen.  

If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies ~ Author unknown